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“I do not want to take a combination of good surf photos over time, I also don’t want to remember myself for just being in the channel at the right time and right place capturing the surfers wave of a lifetime because in the end that’s not for me. As a photographer I want to remember myself for taking that “one” photo, not because of the surfers name or reputation but because of the position I put myself in to capture the moment in time, an amazing view of the ocean that can not be captured without an element of risk, its taken me years to actually find my niche within my photography and now I have its such a great place to be in.”

Russell Ord – Photography

Based in Margaret River Western Australia with wife Catherine and three kids Kalani, Tavian and Ayala, Russell Ord is a world renowned surf photographer specializing in capturing unique water angles and has worked for numerous magazines globally and has had excess of twenty five magazine covers, Russell is currently contracted to surfing brand West Surfing Products, Russell is the photo editor for emerging lifestyle magazine Soggybones and is a current member of Nikon Professional Services and the AIPP.

In the Press:

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The Interia

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Western Australian

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Tracks Magazine

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Herald Sun

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CBS News

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The Australian

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Tracks Magazine

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K38 Water Rescue