Jikol & Paul Woodroof 23/03/13

The wedding of Jikol & Paul Woodroof 23/03/13

LocationWise Vineyard / St Joseph’s Church

Photography:  Russell Ord & Jean Paul Horre

Equipment: Nikon D3s /  D4 / 14-24mm / 70-200mm / 24-70mm /  Elinchrom Flash Kit.

Phase One  Medium Format – Schneider Kreuznach Leaf Shutter Lenses – 28mm / 80mm / 150mm.

Transport: Twilight Limousines

Make-up: Lauren Wood

One comment

  1. Trish & Greg Woodroof

    Hi Russell & Jean Paul thank you for capturing all the special moments in Jikol and Paul’s very magical wedding. The photographs will be a wonderful reminder of that exceptional special day and wonderful moments. Everyone has said that it was the best wedding that they had been to. Thanks a million for your wonderful care to detail. It was a honour to meet you both. Kindest regards Trish & Greg Woodroof

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