2012 – Five Favourites

Had a lot of time off in 2012 working out “why” I bother to chase swells and shoot surfing, I was just hating going back over my work knowing the lack of effort that went into each shot, it took a while to realize what changes were required to bring back the energy into the work. Here is just five shots from 2012 that I enjoyed shooting or I had the pleasure of  capturing the surfers moment…

Cale Grigson_Secret Slab_ photo Ord  19

Its funny to think I was not even going to point the camera at this one, on first impressions the wave looked average but turned into a little gem – Pretty easy to capture this photo sitting on the ski but a nice moment for Cale Grigson.


Chris Ross_Secret Slab_ photo Ord  114

I only managed a few frames of Chris Ross about to come to the mercy of the ocean, I was not in the best spot myself on the ski and had to high tail out of there. Once again easy from the comfort of the ski – Chris Ross a surfers moment.

Chris Ross_The Right_ Photo Ord   55 (1)

Looks actually friendly on first accounts, but this was shot with a 16mm and was a very demanding swim, the actual photo does not do the circumstances justice but I still like the shot just because I know the effort that went into it.

Jack Robinson_The Box_photo Ord  14

Probably my favourite shot of 2012 – Jack Robinson at the Box, all photographers that shoot from the water know exactly how hard these types of photos are to capture, especially on a notorious piece of reef, personally rewarding.

Kieran Perrow_The Box_photo Ord  20

Same day as the Robbo photo – Kieran Perrow charges this place and once again a tough shot at this location.



  1. Steve

    You hold yourself to an incredible standard. You are nearly apologetic that you are shooting from a ski. Your water shots are often so critical. Surfers understand how much effort, dedication and skill is involved to assemble the equipment, travel, luck and actual water time involved in getting the shots but the general public probably don’t. I was privilidged to grow up north coast Aus. surfing but often found myself living / working OS often surf less. Have shared and explained how powerful your photos are to many ” general public” friends and when they actually “see” what is involved, what you are doing, and “understand” what they are seeing, the realization is amazing. I see a lot of surf pics but your stuff is special. Might be cause you capture a lot of raw power of WA or your irreverent hard core attitude but I was moved to comment. I also know the rewards are often personal rather than financial but wanted to thank you for doing what you do.

  2. What if a shot could be magnificent with just a bit of effort. Many would say that to get up in the morning, drive to a distant hard to get to location, swim out or ride a ski out and put yourself in dangerous situations…would be a lot of effort. Are you comparing yourself to someone who almost kills himself trying to get the best shot? All I’m saying is that when that great shot comes from a little effort instead of “a lot”, the grace and ease can be from the Universe. Nice present, huh?

  3. To true Lissa, the moment itself is amazing but for me personally I would rather miss all the moments to challenge myself to what may be able to be done, like surfing in a way you start as a kid down the local beach getting pushed into waves and end up surfing waves that take a life of commitment, always striving for that bit more.

  4. The level of work you produce is legendary Russell. Your photos inspire me to be a better photographer, to work harder, swim harder and make less excuses… You are among a very small handful of humans in the world that are responsible for setting the bar as high as it is.

  5. Paul M

    i used to shoot freestyle motocross and chase the boys all over the state and go shoot the big shows try keep up with magazine deadlines and hold down a full time job but you get burnt out trying to do it all but my answer to “why” is getting something totally unique the way you saw it in your head.. , looking at your work has inspired me to buy my first housing and get into the water(funny enough i bought my housing of the guy who just bought your old gear) and after my first swim i can see this being totally addicting chasing a particular shot . always pleasing to see your work .

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