Quick Trip

Getting the shot.

A quick four day trip to….you have to be kidding that’s a nice name.

Its starts with a phone call “swell looks good in a two days is there any chance you can get there for it”, a quick look at the schedule, I will miss my sons semi final in football and horse riding with my daughter, nothing worse than disappointing your kids which cannot be avoided on occasions, the horse riding gets put back a week and well my son’s team just has to win to see another day (they win) and the sacrifices are made. The journey starts with booking flights and hire cars, then turns into a four hour drive to the airport (I live in the country) a short 5 hour flight followed by an nine hour drive to arrive at the location, it’s two in the morning for a 6am start in waters that require a 4/3mm wetsuit, hood and booties in waters renowned for great white sharks, this is very evident when refuelling with a replica model of the biggest shark caught in the area back in the day before they became protected, 5.5m long and weighing in at 1575kg, its best not to check it out prior entering the water.  This is just a basic run down on what goes into surf photography at different times of the year for me, depending on the length of trip and the out come I want to achieve will reflect on how much and the type of gear I drag with me over the country side, I packed lightly in a small carry on pelican case for this one:

Lenses: Nikon: 14-24mm / 24-70mm / 70-200mm / 50mm and 16mm

Bodies: Nikon: D4 / D800

Housing and Ports: Aquatech to suit D4 with fisheye port (I also use a 50mm inside) / 24-70mm, packed surrounded by wetsuit and clothes and thrown below for the flight.

Surfers: Josiah Schmucker / Sam Boord / Brett Burcher / Elliot Marshall / Russ Bierke.


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