Last few months

Basically it has just been surfing for me the last few months, theres times where I loose complete passion for surf photography and thats mainly dealing with outside influences, I am sure fellow photogs go through those same feelings at times, theres only so many times I can bare to hear “I will give you a credit” for the time and effort thats goes into the photos, last time I looked the credit was a right not a privilege so thanks but no thanks, move onto your next victim, plus credits cannot buy new equipment or feed the kids. _ Little rant.

Few shots from the last few months.


  1. Pat Flanagan

    I’ve been doing this surf photography thing for a long, long time and I honestly think that some people just don’t value the effort less so here in South Africa than in the USA, where I’ve had most of my photos published. The Internet and the ease of digital photography haven’t contributed to changing the perception. You’re water shots however, cannot be easily duplicated by amateurs and wannabe’s. So keep it going. There are people out here that appreciate what you’re up to.

  2. oh Russ, i feel the same with my profession,
    these filthy politicians keep fucking with me

    oh yeah, thanks for the cheap camera,
    i’m giving my shit (and i mean shit) away left right n centre.
    sorry cuz

  3. loupcooke

    Awesome images…i’m not a surfer so love surf photography because it gives me the only insight I’m ever going to get into what happens out there on the water…your pics take me there and it’s amazing beautiful. With the amount of money that’s in the sports industry these days (for some) it’s a darn shame it doesn’t always make it to the photographers that bring the vision to us.

  4. Credit is valuable if you have options to monetize the publicity – print sales, commissioned shoots etc, but only if the publicity is wider than some small blog hiding online somewhere.

    • Yes Mark I have come across a number of photographers now shooting free including one who had a billboard in the UK of a photo of his and another surf photographer who actually paid for all his own trip (minus half the boat fees) and the company could use any of the photos for advertising…credit is actually the right of the photographer and not a privilege placed on by the company/magazine etc.

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