Helicopter session.

I was lucky enough to be asked on a Homegrown Maniacs photo shoot, thanks to Leith Holtzman, just a few photos from the session and as per usual most of the photos held back for postage stamps in up and coming publications….

Homegrown Maniacs Site.

Special thanks to pilot David Adamson, if you ever need a pilot to get the job done, look no further.

David Adamson Specialist Helicopters.


David, has been flying helicopters since 1986 and has more than 10,000 hours helicopter experience conducting just about every form of helicopter operation possible.

Commencing flying in the United Kingdom before emigrating to Australia in 1995. Since then, David has flown commercially in several countries conducting mostly specialist aerial film services.

Highly experienced in low level aerial filming with a number of camera systems including gyro stabilized, fixed and still photography. Air to Air photography involving two or more aircraft is one such operation that David has many hours of expertise and lists as one of his favourites.

David has an impressive history of providing aerial services for the motor sport industry as well as television productions, documentaries, commercials and numerous other sporting events.

As a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Delegate, David along with a handful of independent delegates throughout Australia conducts flight tests on behalf of CASA.

These tests include Commercial, Private, Night, Instrument and Instructor flight tests. As well as aircraft specific type endorsements such as low level, sling, floats, mustering, winching, formation, rappelling and check flights for various companies within Australia.

As an Aviation Safety Consultant, Offshore Operations Flight and Ground Instructor, David presents helicopter specific safety courses for Pilots, Aircrew the General Public and the Film Industry.

As such, David has achieved a proven reputation in the helicopter industry for implementing and maintaining high safety standards.




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