We like to call these waves “Slabs” very easy to see why, a few from the archive, now just to capture them a touch better in the future!

Meaning (with a touch of extras)

slab |slab|noun

a large, thick, flat piece of stone, concrete, or wood in this case water, typically rectangular or square: paving/ water slabs | he settled on a slab of rock “big time”.• a large, thick slice or piece of cake, bread, chocolate (that sounds nice), etc.: a slab of bread and cheese with a glass of Red after a session.• Climbing a large, smooth, steep body of rock to get out of the impact zone.• an outer piece of timber sawn from a log (surfboard).• a table used for laying a body on in a morgue(so true).

Benny Rufus on rail for a little longer.

5 hours of swimming in cold water – Elliott / Burcher.

Mark Mathews – solo session.

Kerby Brown – one of the worst wipeouts, onto dry rock.

Alex Cater – Dark green caverns.

Evan Faulks – arvo light.

Burcher / Allport – 15km out to sea.

Cortney Brown – Green Slab.


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