Off Africa

A lot of surf photographers love to post shots and basically give you directions to the location, no matter how well known, I like to submit/post photos etc…with no names of the location, I would also like to see no guess work posted, bragging of there whereabouts, purely visual is perfectly fine. (Obviously people that have been there will no exactly the location by looking at the image and recognising a land mark, but a lot of people wont either so lets keep it that way).

To give you an example: my wife wanted to know the whereabouts of a certain print I had for sale because the buyer wanted to know the exact location, I declined the location and the sale fell through – good riddance.

While I am having a little winge…why the F*** do crew persist on putting swell maps all over facebook for up and coming swells, it beats me, they must love extra crew in the water, nothing better than surfing just with your mates, but thats getting a lot harder to achieve these days.



  1. Good luck with that. It is the same with horse riding. I want to share a great place so others can experience it but then it gets crowded and it doesn’t feel the same or it gets over used. It is a conundrum…

  2. Half the fun for me is exploring and finding “new” places.. Apparently Canon’s new line of bodies are going to have GPS functions.. I know they’ll be getting turned off quick smart!

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