Spencer Hornby – Photgrapher


Basically the name says it all, a short insight into any subject matter that may be of interest, fellow photographers, videographers, travellers, etc, people I have personally come in contact with or notable work that I have admired from a far, personal photo assignments, there is no set rules, agendas or alliances  – enjoy.

I started writing an intro to the knock about surf photographer who loves and lives life to the full, but his own little intro says it all – enjoy!

Introducing – Spencer Hornby – Photographer

To be old and wise, you first gotta be young and stupid…

My life consists of batting above my average, be it a good photo or hot girl, either way I will always hit the ground running and try not to take it for granted. I am that pissed bloke at the back of the pub with a “life saying” on my t-shirt and telling stories to anyone who’ll listen about who I was back in the day. Il piss you off so much to braking point and then have the nerve to turn around and ask you what your problem is… I enjoy the more simple things in life, nothing satisfies me more then chasing and scoring sick waves with the boys and having a beer after, nothing pisses me off more than bitterness and haters who attack you from the safety of their keyboard… been to some pretty cool places but there’s way too many on my list that I have to go but I’ll get there, currently shooting for some great magazines that showcase my work in a cool way and I am stoked. Bring back winter, even though the summer sun on your back is warm and friendly, it wont bring any waves here, cold and windy dark morning starts get my heart racing. I love meeting new people; down to earth people are the best in the world…SPENCE!

More work of Spencer;

Walls of Water – Website

Walls of Water – Facebook Page

Previous Small Projects.

Ryan Moss

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