Surf Photography – Soggybones Photo ED

As the photo Ed for Soggybones magazine I am privileged to see a vast arrange of photos, I am glad to say it’s a team effort with Justin Ward the ED having the final say prior to print, we also have Luke Thompson an established skate photographer receiving all the skate submissions, he has a great eye for not only skate but other forms such as fashion, models portraits etc.

What do I look for in a surf photo?

All photo Ed’s will have there own likes and formulas, what works for one may not work for the other, firstly I can glimpse at a photo and know straight away how difficult it was to take the photo, the effort that went into capturing the moment impresses me the most, Wilmott’s water shot of Rhys Bombacy, Pat Stacey’s water photography, Smithy’s Redbull winner, Gibbo at Shippies the list goes on and on, great light, great timing, great camera work, an effort in and out of the ocean.

Secondly I look for a shot that can tell a story or there is more to look at than just a fin waft on a nice wave, it basically has to capture my eye and make me want to keep looking at the photo, use different angles, foregrounds, backgrounds, lighting, photography is more than setting up on the beach with a 600mm on a tripod and then cementing yourself in one spot, move around.

I hope this may help when submitting photos to any magazine but just remember most Photo Ed’s like myself are also photographers so first impressions count, don’t send in anything less than A grade photos, Google a few names mentioned above and compare your work and see if you are ready, one email full of rubbish may be the only email they ever open again.



RUSSELL ORD: – Surf Photography ED

Soggybones Magazine Digital Photo Submission Protocol – please read 





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