Margaret River Bush Fires

A few shots taken during the very limited down time we had from the bush fires in Margaret River, along with good  friend and work mate Brad Cowan he saved his home and some surrounding properties with at stages just a damp towel, we all so had to witness good friends homes being lost, we are sorry we could not to more – devastating. Our thoughts are with all the families effected and hopefully many questions will be asked of the reasons WHY!

Under threat from all sides.

Fire patrol on foot.

Here we go again - Jared house behind this - saved!

Tools of the trade - top deck protection

Quick breather before its on again.


Fire front

Water bomber relief.

Just over Jared's house after the spot fires were extinguished by a wet towel.

Friends homes- WHY!



  1. Thank you for putting this out there so people can pray for these folks. We had horrific fires in Texas this year. Our prayers are out to the families and the firefighters. God bless them.

  2. Far out…thanks for sharing these Russell. Thinking of you all over there in Margs. Our fires here in Denmark seem to be contained again though not yet under control. Hope to hear some better news from your part of the world very soon x

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