Karl & Danielle

Karl & Danielle 18/11/11

Fermoy Estate – Margaret River.

Nikon D3s_24-70mm_f/2.8_1/80

Nikon D700_70-200mm_f/2.8_1/500

Nikon D3s_14-24mm_f/7.1_1/250_(where is Wally)

Nikon D3s_14-24mm_f/7.1_1/100_Polarized Filter

Nikon D3s_70-200mm_f/11_1/60_(Speed Blur)

Nikon D3s_70-200mm_f/8_1/1000

Nikon D3s_14-24mm_f/13_1/250_Quadra Flash Kit

Nikon D700_70-200mm_f/2.8_1/800

Nikon D3s_24-70mm_f/2.8_1/100


Russell Ord – www.russellord.com

Jean Paul Horre (Great job again JP)….


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