1. They are all so great, I really like the 1st and the 5th one down. bodies being tossed under the water by this awesome power, just a bit humbling. Thanks for sharing. Always glad to see when you have a new post!

  2. Hello friend I appreciate you for spreading this short article around. Generally i really don\’t inquire into Blogs and forums. But i just like it. If only a lot more posts as well as content on the web could be around handy in addition to enlightening as compared with this one. Good posting, thanks Best wishes.

  3. jay taylor

    epic shots, did you get any shots of anyone going left… just curious i was out wondered if you got any of me. good camera ones of underwater look sick… nice gibbon

      • jay taylor

        cheers mate, legend i had a chat to hamish and he said to ask, your other shots look so good, great camera. if you could send them to my email adress> jaytaylor@fmgl.com.au that would be epic ill have to sling you some ale for the them. (im hamishs brother in law if your wondering where the connection is, have to meet properly next time) cheers again mate …….

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