Salani Resort – Samoa

Salani Surf Resort was destroyed by a tsunami on September 29, 2009, a month prior to this Ritchie Vas, Justin Allport, Marti Paradisis and Alfie Cater (hunt for slabs team) did a surf trip for a magazine that did not see the light of day (typical) below is a small write up by Surfersvillage ED, the resort is under construction and hopes to re-open this year.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 September, 2009 : – – A huge under-sea earthquake generated a Pacific tsunami on Wednesday, killing an unknown number of people in American and Western Samoa as well as Fiji and sowing fear as far as New Zealand.

There have been an unknown number of deaths in American Samoa. In nearby Western Samoa, there were also reports of deaths and houses destroyed. A Paddle for Peace report direct to Surfersvillage reported 40 deaths. In New Zealand, authorities ordered people in low-lying coastal homes and camping grounds to evacuate.

Early Westerm Samoa police reports confirmed there is damage, deaths and casualties. Building and houses have been destroyed by waves, as were houses and cars. People called radio stations to report high sea swells hitting the costal areas of Fagaloa and Siumu on the eastern side of Upolu island and along to the south.

The tsunami caused waves of 5.1 feet (1.57 metres) above normal sea level off American Samoa, according to the Pacific Western Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii, triggering an alert that sent people across the region fleeing for higher ground. There were unconfirmed reports of even larger waves hitting American Samoa, reaching about 800 metres inland.

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