A Few Waves

Yesterday we were finally blessed with a half decent swell, having had a commercial job in the morning I managed to swim out and grab a couple of shots before the wind kicked in late morning, this is just a selection shots that wont make the magazines, all the gold kept for publications.

Chris Ross was going waves that no one else really wanted, Crossy goes mad just check out his Oakely nominations from last year. Chris Ross

Yadin Nicol, has the place wired.

Hawker was patient, but it was well worth it he knows from local knowledge which ones to take.

Matt Bromley from South Africa making the most of it – he was charging.

Chris Ross again just treating it with contempt.

Creed Mctaggart is surfing amazing, the last wave of his session was crazy (not this shot) just the full standup with hands raised.

Inside empty.




  1. Good stuff Ord. I just sort of found a great slab here in algarve, portugal, too. We tried it today, me and Alex Boelho. Your welcome here, if you in europe, sop by here in he sunny SW. Peace, Brek.

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