Magazine Trip – WRONG!

Last year I did a trip for a magazine with Kerby Brown, Marti Paradisis, Cale Grigson and Brett Burcher while we were away some of the bombies at home that these guys surf turned on, no matter, we are getting great exposure out of this trip – WRONG. The magazine (name withheld for some reason) decided we did not get any good waves or shots they were telling me this over the phone while I was sitting in the airport on my next trip a month later, the funny thing is I had a current issue in my hand at the time and the cover was a two foot throw away photo, I just had to laugh.

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  1. go figure!!! I remember this swell. you guys were really fun to surf with, and ruled the lineup…
    It must be really frustrating to deal with the media side of the coin.
    nothing can take away from the memories… that guitar player was epic too.

  2. Yeah, shit shots Russ! What were you thinking? Haha! Im sure that cover throw away wouldnt have had anything to do with pleasing a ad client? It really comes down to this – “I f@#ked up and trusted them”

  3. Yes Phil way more to the trip than a few pages in the magazine – Yeah Billy wrong sticker on the nose, a few weeks before this they said best shot wins (laughing as I write this) then they ring me back and ask who a particular surfer was sponsored by so I remind them whats that got to do with best shot wins, the guys I were shooting dont give a rats arse.

  4. Hi Russell,

    As someone involved in the magazine business – off and on – for the past 13 years, I have to say these shots would be MOST welcome in many publications. Sounds like you’re dealing with a bunch of numbskulls.

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